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slovenský, anglický

JUDr. Andrej Gara

JUDr . Andrej Gara studied at the Law Faculty of Comenius University , graduating in January 1998. After graduation, he worked as a law clerk in a law office in Bratislava . During this period he devoted himself mainly to the civil and commercial law , labor relations , protection of personality , rights of victims of road accidents and illegal conduct of third parties , and procedural representation of clients before court or other administrative bodies . In 2002, he passed the bar exam and subsequently entered the Slovak Chamber of Advocates. At present, he is cooperating closely with the law firms from the Czech Republic, and Hungary. In his practice of law he specializes on civil law , especially in all spheres of protection of personality , the rights of victims of road accidents and illegal conduct of third parties , the law of obligations , rights and claims arising from liability in civil relations. He also focuses on commercial law , bills of exchange law, corporate law , corporate acquisitions , closing and the transformation of companies , bankruptcy law , commercial contract law, debt recovery , claims arising from liability and more. In addition to the above fields he also specializes in civil legal procedures – he represents clients in proceedings before court – whether claiming the rights and legitimate interests of a client by a court order or representing clients in legal actions that are filed against them by courts.